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STEP - Computer Science Tutor

Job Duties: The Computer Science tutor is available during evening hours in the Halsey 101 computer lab to help students who are working on programming assignments in the Computer Science department’s introductory courses (CS 142, CS 221, CS 251, and CS 262). As such, the tutor has to have completed CS 271 with a B+ or better grade, hence demonstrating technical literacy. When the tutor works with a student who is having problems with a programming assignment, we emphasize that the tutor should not just give the answer to the student. Rather they should work through the problem with the student, drawing the solution to the problem from the student by strategically asking questions. Therefore, the tutor must demonstrate problem-solving and oral communication skills.


The Computer Science tutor will have to demonstrate mastery of the Technical Literacy, Problem Solving, and Oral Communication learning outcomes.


Feedback Methods: After each tutoring session, the Computer Science tutor fills out a form with information regarding the number of students they worked with during the session, the course in which the students seeking help were enrolled, and the nature of the problem the students were having as they worked on their assignments. We maintain this information to discuss in a weekly meeting we have with the tutor to monitor how the tutoring sessions are going. The tutor will be given face-to-face pre- and post-position performance evaluations on the relevant student learning outcomes. Qualifications for the Position: Completion of CS 271 with a grade of B+ or better and strong oral communication skills.


We work with the Computer Science tutor before they begin tutoring to help them develop these techniques.